Let’s Talk About Science

Science today is facing a number of challenges. Many of these challenges are instances of widespread issues in society and the world at large: climate change, mental health, inclusivity, and equality. Others stem from the unique nature of the discipline: incentivising and enabling open access to data and knowledge, increasing collaboration, and sharing resources.

What, then, can we do to…

  • combat misinformation?
  • encourage public engagement with the sciences?
  • make our workplaces environmentally sustainable?
  • promote mental health of everyone working in the sciences?
  • utilise digital technologies to share information?
  • ensure that the sciences allow for equal participation for all persons, regardless of background?

Starting in Autumn/Winter 2021 we will be publicising talks from persons in a variety of different fields, from biochemistry through to computer science. These talks will address all of those questions above and more. They will range from the deeply personal to the strategic and targeted. Everything we produce will be free to access on YouTube and as Podcasts (listen on the go!).

We’re starting small, but we have big plans!  In the future we hope to bring together professionals and the public to engage in productive discourse and to seek a way forward. If you would like to be featured, or feel like getting involved, drop us an email at contact@solvingscience.org or message us on social media.